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What do I do if I have an emergency locksmith service?

If you have any emergency in the locksmith area, just can call a locksmith company, such as Shield Locksmith service, and explain your problem. One of their highly experienced professionals will answer all your question and he would make you a price quotation on the spot.

How often should I replace my locks?

You should replace your locks frequently, almost every couple of years, but it mostly depends on certain factors, according to your personal situation. For example, some influencing factors could be how much you use them if they are outdoors locking or not or if your locks are damaged. Although it may seem unnecessary, it will keep your house safer.

Are there any emergency locksmith services 24h?

You can find many different locksmith services, which will offer you a flawless job 24h per day, such as Shield Locksmith Company. Even if you will call during night hours, some specialists in the field will be working, to pick up the phone and be available for all your needs. They will come to your location as fast as they could and resolve your problems.

Why should I replace my locks?

You should change and replace your locks often, even if they are still intact for many reasons. After a while, locks and keys may be damaged, because you used them too much or for weather erosion. You should also change them after major events in your life, like buying a new house, getting a divorce or if you are changing your housemates.

How long does it take an emergency locksmith service to wait?

It depends on the company and the location of the emergency service. For example, Shield Locksmith company offer some emergency service, which requires a very short amount of time. The team will always be ready to take action and be equipped with an emergency service truck, in order to be ready for every problem.

How much does it cost to replace locks?

Replacement lock services are not very expensive. But, since it is a very common and easy job to do, you should not spend a lot. Shield Locksmith service offers a great key replacement service with some convenient prices. You can contact them and ask for a price quotation so that you can understand better. The average deadbolt or doorknob lock price is 90$ we do carry a few security levels, brands, and colors prices include replacement

Should I choose high-security locks for my company?

For companies’ facilities and other commercial spots, it is advised and preferred to choose some high-security locks. These kinds of locks provide more benefits that could help your company. You can choose more technologically advanced locks, where you can choose the kind of keys that you need and whoever has access to those locks, so you can monitor everything from distance.

should I upgrade my current commercial locksmith service?

You can and you definitely should choose an upgrade to your current locksmith services. Locksmith technology is always improving and after some years, you should choose to update your company’s locks and improve your security. Shield Locksmith company can offer you a great variety of locksmiths services, smart locks and keypads are good solutions with updated technology but at some of the best prices in the area

How do I choose which locksmith service is right for my commercial location?

Choosing the right locksmith service is a very important thing, especially for your commercial location. You can choose from a wide variety of locks, from the simplest ones to the high-security restricted deadbolt. Contact Shield Locksmith services, one of the best companies in the area, and ask them about all the options that they offer, according to your company’s facilities and necessities.

Should I change locks after buying a new home?

after such a big event as purchasing your house, it is advised to change up the locksmith service. It might seem unnecessary, but since you are purchasing a new home, you don’t know who might have the older keys or how old its locks might be. You should change them, have your locksmith service, and live safely in your own new house.

What do I do if I am locked away from home?

If you are locked away from your home, you should not worry, since it is very common and easy to fix. Shield Locksmith Company has a great emergency service, which could easily help you. Highly experienced professionals will come to rescue you, opening your house, and eventually, they will provide you with various options, such as rekeying your locks or changing your home’s locks.

Which locks are safer for my house?

There are many locks that you can choose for your locksmith service’s home, from simple deadbolt locks, and knob locks, to more technological high-security and Smart locks services. Companies such as Shield Locksmith Service, with a great variety of options available, will help you fix all your problems.

How long does it take for a locksmith to get here?

Our technicians will come to you within 30 minutes from the moment you call. This is a quick response. Given the time and winter in Ontario, we guarantee fast and efficient service. we understand your situation and will not keep you waiting

Can a locksmith open a house door with old locks?

Sure Shield Locksmith Technicians have 7-10 years of experience every day at work we get familiar with old houses from 1970 and never upgrade the lock style. we do open them easily with a pick tool and change them to a new residential mortise style.

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